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Honesty policy for LiP projects

When developing your LiP (midterm and final) projects, you must strictly adhere to the following policy. When in doubt about ethical issues on LiP projects, please contact us.


You are allowed to develop your project in a group.

  • A group can be composed by 1 to 3 students.
  • Groups must be declared to the teaching assistant before the project starts.
  • You cannot leave your group during the development of a project.
  • You can change group after the end of the midterm project.

Collaboration among different groups

Permitted forms of collaboration

The following forms of collaboration are allowed.

  • You can discuss with another group issues related to the project, as far as the discussion does not cover implementation details. For example, if you are supposed to implement some algorithm X described in the book, and you don't understand algorithm X, then you can ask another group to explain it to you. However, if you are supposed to come up with your own algorithm to solve a problem, then you cannot ask another group to tell you their algorithm.
  • You can come to office hours together with other groups.
Prohibited forms of collaboration

The following forms of collaboration are not allowed. In case of illicit collaboration, all participating parties will be penalized (both helpers and helpees).

  • Copying files from another group.
  • Allowing another group to read or copy a file of yours, either explicitly or implicitly by leaving your code unprotected.
  • Editing another group's files.
  • Debugging another group's code.

Collaboration among the components of a group

  • All the components of a group must actively collaborate to the project.
  • The workload of the project should be split equitably among the components of the group.
  • Each component of a group will be asked to discuss the submitted project with a teaching assistant.
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