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Programming Languages

The goals of this course are:

  • Highlighting the basics features of various programming paradigms
  • Getting a grasp of the mathematical theory behind programming languages
  • Gently introducing functional programming languages
  • Implementing some abstract machines and static analyses for programming languages.

Check constantly also the news page of the website, do not stick to this page.

Teaching material

Slides of Class lectures

  1. Introductory Lecture (link)



Lab slides & exercises

  1. Introductions to functional programming and OCAML basic: slides, exercises
  2. Functions: slides, exercises
  3. Pattern matching, tagged unions: slides,exercises
  4. Higher order functions : slides,exercises
  5. Recursive types: slides, exercises
  6. Esercitazione: facSimile
  7. Combinators: map and filter slides, exercises
  8. Trees: slides, exercises
  9. Esercitazione: exercises

Further documentation

  1. Ocaml basics: emacs mode; arithmetic expressions; booleans and conditionals; definitions; functions; partial functions; compiling. ( assignment )
  2. IMP interpreter: (sources)

Books and online resources

Here you can find some links to teaching resources about OCaml.

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