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LiP final project 2012

Submission policy

  • You must declare your group by Jan 3, 2013.
    • The policy for group collaboration is described here
    • To declare a group, fill the form.
    • You must declare your group even though you want to work alone (otherwise I cannot assign you an ID).
    • The groups and their IDs are displayed here.
  • You must submit your project by Feb 3, 2013, 23.59 GMT +1 (strict!).
  • To submit a project:
    • Register to the LIP Moodle site
    • Submit all the files of the project in tar.gz format, using the following command (where XX is your group ID, folder-name is the name of the folder with the sources):
      • tar zcvf lip12-gXX.tar.gz folder-name
    • Only the first member of the group can submit the project
    • You can resubmit a project until the deadline.
  • You must adhere the LiP honesty policy.

The moodle server will not accept submissions after the deadline! The deadline is set to Feb 3, 2013, 23.59

The project

This project requires to write an interpreter and a compiler for an imperative language.


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