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Programming Languages Wiki

Welcome to the UnicaML wiki. This wiki contains teaching material for the LiP (Programming Languages) course at the University of Cagliari. It can also serve as a first introduction to Ocaml programming.

Read here for instructions about using this wiki.

Programming in OCaml

    • Running Ocaml programs
    • Arithmetic expressions
    • Booleans and conditionals
    • Global and local definitions
    • Functions
    • Recursive definitions
    • Tail recursion
    • Pattern matching
    • Higher-order functions
    • Polymorphism
    • Bounded and unbounded iteration
    • Currying and uncurrying
    • List constructors
    • Pattern matching on lists
    • Tail recursive functions on lists
    • Map and Filter combinators
    • Fold combinators
    • Tuples
    • Records
    • Tagged unions
    • Recursive types

Imperative languages

    • Specification of environment and store
    • Integer expressions
    • Global declarations
    • Assignment, arrays, sequence, conditional, while loops
    • Integer and boolean expressions
    • Typed declarations
    • Type checking
  1. Static analyses of imperative programs
    • Call by value
    • Call by name
    • Type-checking

Lambda Calculus

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